Success Stories

Joy Vertz is the biggest numbers geek I know. She’s run every kind of photography business – home-based, studio and now 2 studios…and is HUGELY profitable. If there is ANYONE I would trust to teach pricing, it’s her.

Sarah Petty, The Joy of Marketing

No one knows pricing better than Joy Vertz. As a successful photographer and studio owner with multiple locations, I thought I had learned everything there is to know about pricing. Wrong! Joy gave me a lot of ideas that I had never considered before, ideas we implemented with great success. I can’t recommend Joy’s pricing class enough. This class will pay for itself at least ten times over… I promise!

Laura Novak, Little Nest Photography

Joy’s Pricing Perfection class truly saved my business! I had been in business for about 10 months. I worked endless hours and had nothing to show for it. I always second guessed my pricing because they truly had no rhyme or reason. I just randomly picked them. The formula Joy teaches in her class was like an A-ha moment for me! Now I am confident that my prices are exactly where they need to be to run a profitable business.The class is logically laid out so that every week, you leave there with materials you need to have done before you can go onto the next step. An extra bonus of the class is the private Facebook group you become part of. That alone has been invaluable. Joy is always willing to answer questions, as are other people in your group who are in your exact shoes. The networking and moral support you get from each other is priceless.Joy’s pricing formula, advice and constant support have been truly remarkable. I have taken other on line classes, but none even compare to this one. Her class was worth every penny and then some! I promise you, the increase in profits will quickly pay for the price of the class. Do yourself and your business a favor, sign up for this class now. You will never look back!

Penny Grissman Penny Grissman Photography

Loved it and hope others can gain the same wonderful knowledge! I always thought I had a grasp on my pricing but after taking Joy’s class, and making several changes, I have seen a change in how my clients understand my pricing. I used to have clients come in and sometimes spend $100-$200 and since changing my pricing I haven’t had anyone spend less than $500, it’s usually been closer to $2000. My class investment was paid for in no time! Joy breaks it all down in understandable bits and if you take the time to truly implement the ideas, you will see change!

Maya Laurent

We’ve played around with our pricing over the years and looked at a lot of different formulas as well as worked with a couple of mentors. Joy is simple and easy to understand. And for those of us who don’t like to crunch numbers, it works. It just made perfect sense once we sat down and really looked at it. Now I feel more confident than ever that we are charging exactly what we should.

Heather and Michael Krakora Krakora Photography

Joy truly is a master at not only her craft but the business side of photography. She understands completely the psychology of sales, how to phrase potential objections, and how to get clients to the sale that you want to get them to. My pricing is ROCK SOLID after working with Joy.

Andi Diamond Andi Diamond Photography