How Joy Can Help You

Joy helps other photographers tackle some of the toughest problems that come up in their businesses:

  • Pricing or selection that changes far too often…it just never seems right
  • Marketing ideas that don’t work out, cost too much, or take too much time
  • Having trouble finding clients…or finding the clients you really want to work with
  • Never feeling like there’s enough time to do everything that needs doing
  • Workflow that seems to slow things down instead of making things easier
  • Constantly guessing about what to do next and how to make things better
  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed too much of the time
  • Working too hard and having little to show for it

Any of these problems can be draining, both personally and financially. One of the most effective ways to tackle tough issues is to develop specific strategies with someone who has been there. In fact, Joy herself cites mentoring as one of the keys to her own success in this highly competitive field.

Joy’s personalized, one-on-one coaching can give you direct help with:

  • Creating pricing strategies that work
  • Finding and recruiting your ideal client base
  • Using affordable, effective marketing strategies
  • Structuring workflow to get more done in less time
  • Gaining the most value from limited resources
  • Achieving profitability and success on your terms

This intensive, dedicated coaching is available to a limited number of clients on a monthly basis. It includes two additional one-on-one mentoring calls per month to address your business’s specific needs and goals as well as email support (monday-friday) during your coaching period.  If it is a short question, a Facebook Message may also be appropriate.

Specialized coaching is available for $1250 for 1 month or $950 per month for 2+ months. After ordering, Joy will contact you within 3 business days to set up your times.

Multi Month mentoring requires a minimum of 2 months and may be cancelled any time after 30 days. Due to the custom nature of this product no refunds, returns or exchanges may be made.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (multi month)

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (single month)

Prefer to meet at Joy's studio? Come and spend the day with her (Weekdays 9-5pm) at one of her studios and have the day to pick Joy's brain about anything you want!  This open-book day of education will be completely tailored around what you need to learn.   $1600 / day. CLICK HERE TO ORDER  Joy will contact you within 24 hours to select a date.

Need a Price list Critique?   Joy is the numbers-nerd pricing lover and she can help give you pointers.  This 1 on 1 phone call appointment is specifically designed to go over your price list in detail.  Joy will point out areas she sees that may need some improvement or clarity and help you make sure your clients are able to navigate your price list with ease.  (approximately 30 minutes)  $245  CLICK HERE TO ORDER


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