Get Studio Fit: Part 4

Education and advancement in your career

Workshops, online tutorials, e books, seminars, webinars, phone mentoring…there are so many ways to learn more about the craft of photography! Which one is right for you and how much should you be doing every year? We all know photographers who seem to be at every convention, every seminar, or who are hanging on the words of “celebrity” photographers thinking that if they only had their skill, or could command the prices they did that they would finally “make it”.

The truth is, as artist we do need to stretch and grow. Photography is a craft, one that is improved with practice and new techniques. But if you’re spending time learning and not implementing, then your money is being wasted. And at the end of the day, you are in the business of photography, right? We all need fresh inspiration, yes. But we also need to make sure that we are in business and not supporting an expensive hobby. If you love conventions but feel you are spending too much attending them, then there are many other ways to learn that can be effective but less spendy than flights, hotels and food required.
In my phone coaching I focus on mentoring photographers who seek help with the business sides of things. As a confessed “Numbers Nerd” I love seeing little tweaks make a big difference in sales. Many photographers spend too much time geeking out over the latest and greatest gear or technique to the detriment of their bottom line. Take a look at where your professional development dollars went last year. Do you see a lot of the same kinds of workshops or purchases? Sometimes it means dialing back spending those dollars!

Re-evaluate this year what makes sense for your growth in regards to money spent. Sometimes it’s great to shake things up to get a fresh new perspective!

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