Get Studio Fit (part 3)

Refresh and automate

Sometimes the same old-same-old just isn’t working. If you’ve been putting off making a major change in your business the beginning of the year is a great time to tackle the demons. If you’ve been working with a cobbled-together system for client inquiries and follow up, it’s time to automate! With so many great solutions now with studio CRM’s you can choose the one that makes sense for your client base and your budget.   Most of them require a commitment to set them up but once in place you’ll be amazed you didn’t do it sooner. If you’re relying on spreadsheets and Post-It’s to remind you to get in touch with your clients, then there’s no doubt some of them are falling through the cracks.

If you have employees, when is that last time you dusted off the employee handbook and updated it? Maybe you don’t even have one. You should! Each part of the office procedure should be outlined for your employees. Even if you just have a few employees it’s important that your studio operates like a well-oiled machine. Setting up these expectations and having them in writing means that the lines of communication remain open and are understood by all.

Now is also a great time to schedule your promotions and advertising for the year. Instead of getting near the end of the month and thinking “what can I do for next month” have a yearly calendar in place. Doing it all at once and filling in when necessary is a much better road map for success than winging it.   You can also then evaluate promotions that were not successful in the past year as well and brainstorm as to what could be done differently. Making the changes now for more automation will mean a happier year end!

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