Get Studio Fit (part 2)

Cut the Fat

We all know a balanced diet is key for good health. The same goes with your studio. Look at your monthly fees, subscriptions and any money going out each month. Do you see any places where you could trim some of that fat? In many cases people have duplicated services that they don’t need. Are you paying for a cloud storage for documents when you could utilize a free service? Take a look at how many megabytes you use and see if you can cancel that monthly subscription. It’s easy to think “Oh, it’s only 9.99 a month” but each fee can add up and result in costing you thousands per year.
Where to look for cost cuts

  • Start with a list of subscription services and evaluate if they are needed
  • Call your phone provider to see if you are using all the data plan you have included or if you are routinely using much less to see if a smaller plan makes sense
  • Consolidate your work time at the studio to save on gas costs
  • Use a free app to record mileage
  • Repair gear rather than replacing


Cutting the fat and avoiding impulse buying can really make a difference in your bottom line! Before you purchase anything ask yourself “Will this purchase make a difference in the quality of my services or my images”. If you can’t honestly answer yes, then delay the purchase for a few weeks. Sometimes stopping impulse buying is half of the battle when it comes to savings!


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