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Here you can discover more about the general functionality of the Bouncer API, including how to generate requests, examine end results and also examine the on call equilibrium.

Should you just like to view API Reference, check it out listed below.

  • Create an API crucial

If you place' t already, join a Baby bouncer account listed here.

Once subscribed as well as visited, click on << API>> left wing navigating. You will certainly discover your API trick under the On call harmony segment.

  • Requests limitations

The single verification API is actually limited to one hundred requests every moment.

The mass verification is confined to 250,000 e-mails per eachrequest.

  • The set request

POST/ v1/email/verify/ set

All gets in touchwithcreated to the Bouncer API need to be actually made using HTTPS. Eachphone call needs to additionally include the API crucial specification in the header as a x-api-key, withan API key you' ve developed as the market value.

Whenever a request body system is needed it needs to be actually formatted as JSON and a content form of application/json have to be pointed out.

Verify one or even numerous emails in a set, offline manner. This procedure is suggested when the top quality of verification is of value.Provide a range of email addresses, along withtitles if required (optionally available), for instance: [” email “: “”, ” title “: ” Jane Doe “, “]

Please see to it to keep requestId as it will certainly be actually needed to check condition and also acquire outcomes for the request.

  • The real-time request

  • GET/ v1/email/verify

    Our real-time API is utilized throughclients to inspect email handles during entrance. It not only inspections the phrase structure and also domain of the handle however additionally the availability of the mailbox.
    Bouncer returns the best achievable results that are able to acquire within 10 few seconds (max 30).

    This approachis actually recommended when the speed of verification is actually useful.

    • The possible reaction standings

    Deliverable –- safe to send.

    Undeliverable –- the handle is either syntactically incorrect or even does not exist

    Risky –- the deal withis actually of shabby as well as may cause a bounce or reduced engagement.

    Unknown –- our team were incapable to obtain a response from the email supplier.

    Result Reason

    Status Deliverable, Factor:

    accepted _ email –- Email address was taken.

    Status Risky, Main Reason:

    low _ deliverability –- Email handle seems deliverable, but deliverability can not be actually guaranteed (inbox full/catch_ all)

    low _ top quality –- Email address has highquality problems that might make it a high-risk or low-value address (disposable/temporary email).

    Status Undeliverable, Factor:

    invalid _ email –- Pointed out email is certainly not an authentic email address phrase structure.

    invalid _ domain –- Domain name for email does not exist or even possesses no DNS records.

    rejected _ email –- Email handle was declined, email address performs certainly not exist.

    Status Unidentified, Explanation:

    dns _ inaccuracy –- Our team were actually not able to address DNS records or domain name is misconfigured.

    no _ attach–- Might certainly not hook up to the SMTP web server.

    unavailable _ smtp –- SMTP server was actually unavailable to refine our ask for.

    unknown –- An unforeseen mistake has happened.

    • Verification progress tracking

    GET/ v1/email/verify/ set/ requestId/ standing

    To inspect the progress of verification, you may use our Examine Standing endpoint above.

    Response sample is:

    • Get results

    Use this endpoint for the end results: GET/v1/email/ verify/batch/ requestId

    Download set lead as JSON. You can easily strain what to download and install throughstanding, eg. download simply deliverable emails.

    • Get harmony

    To inspect your accessible harmony, utilize this endpoint: GET/v1/customer/ user/current/credit

    • Possible inaccuracies

    The API makes use of typical HTTP mistakes to show the excellence or breakdown of a demand. The 2xx series of reaction codes suggest a success, 4xx indicates an inaccuracy coming from the customer edge, and a 5xx error indicates a server-side inaccuracy.

    Here are actually the HTTP reaction codes the API uses:

    200 Effectiveness

    400 Bad Demand

    401 Unauthorized

    403 Forbidden

    503 Solution Unavailable

    • GDPR

    As our experts are actually GDPR certified by design, our company additionally provide an endpoint to erase completely your demands, please note that once used, the outcomes linked withthe asks for are going to be actually dropped.

    To delete your records make use of: DELETE/v1/email/ verify/batch/ requestId

    • API Endorsement

    Should you like to find API Reference, inspect it out listed here.

    • Support

    Please know that if at any time you would need added help coming from our side, you can either reachour company by visite site at or set up a video recording conversation withone of our developers listed here.

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