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Turning Calls into Clients

Everything you need to know to turn potential customers into paying clients from successful photographers Joy Vertz and Matt Hoaglin.

Are you getting inquiries but not booking as many of them as you would like?

Setting up a business, particularly a photography business in a saturated market, isn’t easy. But you’ve done it. You’ve developed a business plan, printed business cards, developed a website and started a full-fledged marketing campaign. Now you’re seeing the results – potential clients are calling!  You’re spending time talking to them, returning messages and trying to schedule appointments, but your calendar is still empty. Your camera is gathering dust. None of those leads are materializing into work

This is by far one of the best learning opportunities I have ever participated in. I always learn so much from Joy, and this time is no exception. Often times, a class gives basic information, but Joy and Matt fill this one with so much more. They share detail after detail about things they actually do in their studios. I would recommend this class, it is a terrific value for the small investment  – Twyla Wisecup

In order to make money doing what you love, it is crucial to turn those calls into clients. We can help.

We’ve created an affordable, jam-packed audio class that is guaranteed to hook your callers and get them booking sessions with you.  If you could book 25% more inquiries how much would that add to your bottom line?

  • Are you confident in your product and your pricing?
  • Do you try to photograph everyone who calls?
  • Are you an active listener who is concerned about a client’s inquiry?
  • Are you able to get potential clients into your studio?
  • Do you know how to begin the sales process before a booking?
  • Are you able to talk about pricing but not make it the deciding factor in hiring you?  Let's face it– many of us do not compete on price?
  • Do you know how to answer the questions “How much is an 8×10” or “I just want a disk of digitals” without having it be all about price?

How does it work?

Every inquiry is a possible goldmine to your business.  Each inquiry is an opportunity to achieve sales goals but also increase referrals and word of mouth.   On the flip side, each that you don’t book a client is a moment that you’re losing money.

This easy to digest class, will give you the tools to learn the information and implement it immediately to start booking more clients.  First, take an hour to listen to our audio class. We’ve made it simple for you to listen anywhere – your time is valuable! Then, you can customize the included PSD files which have the supporting materials.

As a result of this class, you will have the tools to:

  • Know what information you need on your website to hook clients
  • Show your clients that you care more than the competition
  • Calmly overcome objections over the phone
  • Push the consultation without being pushy
  • Plant the seeds for big sales and maximum profits

Matt and Joy run two profitable studios in different areas. They will share techniques that they both do that work for them, but also will share techniques they do differently from each other that both work.  This will give you the unique advantage of being able to pick which ideas resonate with you and your business.   

What does it come with?

  • 70 minute audio MP3  class.  You can download and listen anywhere.
  • Typed transcripts of the audio class
  • Client Questionnaire (PSD format to edit)
  • Phone Worksheet (PSD format to edit)
  • Link to online questionnaire

What is the investment?

Turning Calls into Clients is going to be crucial in the success of your business.

Not booking a client means you’re not making money.  Clients will not be convinced to book you based on your website alone. You need to know what to say to turn those inquiries into sessions and differentiate yourself from your competition.

ONE additional booking can pay for your initial investment in this course, currently priced at $129

Can you afford to NOT use this program?

Both Matt and Joy have built lucrative studios in two different, highly competitive areas. It’s not easy to attract clients when there are dozens of cheaper studios in the same area. Over the years that they have been in business, they have learned that there are several ways to not only turn inquiries into clients, but help prepare those clients for sessions and plant the seeds for larger sales.

This course will teach you four steps to booking more clients and setting the stage for larger sales. You will use these techniques over and over.

About Joy

Joy is a 10 -year veteran of the photography business trenches, starting in the basement of her own home and blooming into one, then two studios in the Milwaukee area. Her expertise has now blossomed even further to include coaching and photography business-building. Joy firmly believe in teaching from experience— because she knows it works. She practices what she preaches and continues to run two highly successful studios.  She is the wife of Tim, and the mom of two extraordinary boys. Her favorite candies are Zotz and Lemonheads, but despite her love of sour candy, she rarely has anything but a smile on her face.   

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Matt Hoaglin Allison Ragsdale Photography

About Matt

Matt and his wife, Allison, own Allison Ragsdale Photography in Durango, CO. A profitable studio supports both of our incomes. Allison never wanted to do anything besides be a photographer. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and began work as a photographer right out of college.

Matt on the other hand, took more of a less direct path to where he is today. In college, he managed a camera store. After they moved to Durango, he taught high school math.

Matt wishes he could say he stumbled upon a magic formula that helped them succeed, but the reality is that they are no different from you. Their studio has a lot of competition and everyone in our market is a photographer. Over time, Matt has discovered how to refine and promote their products to attract and retain customers. Matt's goal is to share what he has learned with you to help you focus on your business and make a difference for your family.  See his insight on

“When you can make money doing what you love, you can stop struggling and start enjoying your work again.”

Matt's Contact:

Educational Blog | Person Twitter | Website | Facebook | Studio Twitter | Instagram

We will share the simple steps that helped make us a success.

Join us. We’ll help you turn an inquiry into a paycheck.


It gave me awesome tips on how to increase my sell by planting the seed from the beginning. I also love the interaction between Joy and Matt. The have two different studios and the two perspectives are priceless to have!  –  Severine Wider
This is a MUST buy if you are wanting to know how the studios with proven success turn those inquiries into sessions at the price point you want! Matt and Joy have very different approaches but their techniques and passion are obvious and helped me get excited about inquiries again! I trust Joy and have taken several courses with her……. she's the best!  – Danah Zoulek
Great information and gave me insight on how to handle calls by taking control of the conversation. Worth every cent! – Brandy Miller


How much is the class?

The course is wonderfully priced at $129.  The return on investment is made in 1-2 bookings.

I am super busy this time of year, will you offer this product again?

Yes, we are getting a lot of positive feedback about this class.  It will be released again in the future but at a higher price.   Also don't wait too long, the class will help you get busier and make more money.  Now is a good time for that, not later.

Is the class live or recorded?

It is recorded so you are welcome to play it back over and over

I really want to buy this but I don't have time this week.  Does the product expire?

No it doesn't expire so purchase it now and find time next week to listen to it.  Don't wait too long because you want to be able to convert those phone calls into bookings

How is the class delivered?

Once you purchase the class, you will receive an email that lets you log into Joy's class area.  You will be able to download the audio file and all the extras from there.