Lightroom Preset: Sushi Sauces and Condiments

An awesome collection featuring 14 glorious one-click-to-gorgeousness presets!  Take an average image to spectacular with delicious darks and lights, perfectly sharpened and vivid color! Hint:  When importing images into Lightroom try using the “Chopsticks” or “Chopsticks lite” as you are importing– you may not need any other adjustments! $30

Lightroom Preset: Joy’s Yummy Black and White

I love dramatic black and whites!  This set of 8 lightroom presets are my go-to black and white conversions and range from basic (still with punch) to dramatic!  Also included is a yummy warm chocolate conversion.  Simply load into your Develop Presets folder in Lightroom Application settings and you are set to go! $20

“Business Card” Booklet

When you are looking for a way to stand out, consider revamping your business card. In fact, at my studio– we do not give out business cards often at all! We have made a 5.5 x 8.5 8 page booklet that is filled with gorgeous photos, a beautiful paragraph about our philosophy, FAQ’s and raves! […]

Employee Handbook

Are you considering hiring your first employee?  Start things off on the right foot with a fully customizable employee handbook. This handbook features guidelines for employee management, and staff rules which will help train your employees as well as protect your business.   An essential to anyone starting a staff.  $65