Cost of Doing Business calculator

A super handy tool for figuring out your break even points and how much you need to take in to break even and pay yourself.  The only thing it does not appear to factor in is COGS.. so add that to your expenses 🙂

Webinar: Exceed clients expectations and increase word of mouth with Experience sessions

Beyond the Basics:  Unique “Experience” Sessions to Get Noticed July 26, 2011—2pm EST With Joy Vertz $39 for PPA Members Click here to register. Check out the article written from PPA: In the increasingly competitive photography industry, it is crucial that your marketing efforts allow your business to truly stand out. With her unique […]

New Photography Business 101 Workshop: Online

Business Basics: Start right from the beginning This 8 week course is perfect for photographers who are looking to take the leap to starting a photography business. Taking pretty pictures is simply not enough. In order to be successful, its essential to have a dash of business savvy and a great foundation. In 4 week […]

Have a Photography business plan? If not… register today!

You have heard the phrase, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail” and it is entirely true.  As photographers we get wrapped up in the technical and artistic aspect of our work and sometimes overlook the just-as-necessary business aspect.  There are talented photographers who work hard each day and get no where with their […]