Workflow structuring mistakes

When I do mentoring, one of the things I am surprised by is that many photographers do not have efficient workflows in place. Very often it’s as simple as them being stuck. They’ve done things the same for so long they just can’t see any other way to accomplish the end goal. Here are some […]

Setting your Yearly Calendar

Right about this time of year we’re all powering through the holidays and the New Year looms ahead. Now is exactly the time you should be thinking about setting up your calendar for next year. Here are some tips that have worked for me for setting up my calendar without overwhelming me. Break it down […]

When a client just doesn’t get it

As artists, it can be frustrating when clients misinterpret policies, procedures, pricing and even your shooting style. Many photographers have admitted to me that they are reluctant entrepreneurs and struggle with the business side of things. Even when you feel like you’ve explained how you do things to a client, there will be times that […]

Are you in a creative rut?

It happens to all of us as creatives. You get in a rut. Your work looks the same and though your clients don’t notice, you do. For me, it most often comes at this time of year in the fall. After the long summer push, I find myself feeling in need of something different, but […]

The right way to tease your clients

We all have that friend on Facebook, the “vaugebooker”.   They post things like “Nothing like the worst day ever” or “So tired of being sick”. It’s annoying, isn’t it? But you have to admit, it gets your attention because it annoys you. PT Barnum said it best “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” When […]