Get Studio Fit: Part 4

Education and advancement in your career Workshops, online tutorials, e books, seminars, webinars, phone mentoring…there are so many ways to learn more about the craft of photography! Which one is right for you and how much should you be doing every year? We all know photographers who seem to be at every convention, every seminar, […]

Get Studio Fit (part 3)

Refresh and automate Sometimes the same old-same-old just isn’t working. If you’ve been putting off making a major change in your business the beginning of the year is a great time to tackle the demons. If you’ve been working with a cobbled-together system for client inquiries and follow up, it’s time to automate! With so […]

Get Studio Fit (part 2)

Cut the Fat We all know a balanced diet is key for good health. The same goes with your studio. Look at your monthly fees, subscriptions and any money going out each month. Do you see any places where you could trim some of that fat? In many cases people have duplicated services that they […]

Get Studio Fit in the New Year! (part 1)

Get Studio Fit in the New Year! It’s that time of the year everyone is looking for inspiration on how to have the best year ever. Gym memberships are being dusted off, resolutions are being made! Now is the time to think about your studio fitness as well, so this 4-part series will focus on […]

Are you talking benefits?

In sales, it’s often taught that we should be showing our customers features and benefits. A feature is a statement about what you are offering. A feature describes what the product does, as well as the physical features of the product. A benefit shows the customer what product can do for them. Feature: Our canvas […]