About Joy

I just wanted to send you a little message saying thanks for the help you gave me when I was first starting my business. I took your workshop two years ago. That foundation was so impactful and I still refer to the materials even today. You were instrumental in helping me to price myself the right way and knowing what it takes to run a legitimate photography business. I feel like I was given a gift that so many other new photographers are missing when starting out. Thanks again! Nicole Mathison


Joy Vertz – Founder of Shoot the Moon Photography

Joy's photography experience starts more than a dozen years ago. From a one-person shop run out of her basement, Joy has grown her studio, Shoot the Moon Photography, into one of the premier studios in the region. With two locations in Mequon and Delafield, Joy and her staff now handle more than 700 shoots annually and have clients across the nation.

Over the years, Joy has found that she has a particular fondness for numbers and strategy. So many of the things that she first thought were up to chance in the photography industry can actually be put on paper and changed using strategy and thoughtful decision-making, not luck! What's more, a little bit of strategic planning can help photographers be more creative and innovative in the long-run, not less!

Her family has accused her of being a numbers nerd, a princess of process and a warrior of workflow. She can't argue with that – it's 100% true!

Joy is now using a combination of her lifelong love of numbers and strategy, the experienced gained in growing her studios, plus her stewardship of numerous other creative ventures, to help other photographers take their businesses and studios to a higher level.

She firmly believes that no matter what stage your business is in, there are simple and effective steps you can take to make it a success, as defined by YOU! The hardest part is getting started – that's where Joy really shines her brightest. Let her help you get going on the journey to profitability, creativity, and true SUCCESS!