Referral Plan That Works!

60 minute audio class plus 3 layered templates will have your referral plan up and running right away. 

Everything you need for a successful plan

Photographers: Do each of your happy clients send you more happy clients? We all know that word of mouth marketing is the top way to grow our business. How would your business change if your happy clients were effortlessly spreading the word about your business for you.

Well.... for me, in 2013, it resulted in 68 additional sessions booked (which resulted in over $100K added to our studio's income in 2012! What would it mean to you to add even 3-5% more referrals to your sessions?

If you are looking for a LOW BUDGET, easy to implement referral plan that will work upon implementation, read on... this is a must.

I created "Referral Plan that Works" to help YOU develop a way to increase referrals

What can you afford to offer?
What will be attractive for the client?
What will be attractive for the new client?
How will you track and implement it?
What to say and when to say it!

SAVE $20 FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS.  $109 (reg. $129)

How does it work?

I know you want results fast!   I have created this class with everything you need to implement this plan in an afternoon.  First, listen to an hour-long audio class. I chose to do it as an audio because you can pop it on your smartphone or computer and listen anywhere-- even in the car. Then you can open and customize the layered PSD files for the supporting materials and you will be well on your way. In this class you will learn:

The right mindset to be in when creating a referral program and why you need one
How to set up your referral program to work for you
What worked for me (and what didn't) *Note: This will save you costly mistakes!
How to implement your new plan for maximum results!
A few out of the box ideas to continue your marketing buzz beyond just your new referral program



So what comes in this kit?

60 minute .mp3 file with an audio course (Listen to it as many times as you want, from anywhere!)
What to say Script
PSD of Referral certificate (just customize and print!)
PSD of matching notecard (for beautiful presentation!)
PSD of referral plan description for tuck-in!
The PSD templates are a breeze! You can just drop your logo, contact info and change your colors/pattern to match your brand!


What is the investment?

Your new Referral Plan that Works is going to be pivotal in your business in increasing the amount of new clients that book sessions with you. The Referral Plan that Works kit includes everything you need to develop and implement this in a short amount of time, for the fastest results possible! This product is available for a limited time.  SAVE $20 FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS.  $109 (reg. $129)


Here’s Why You Need This Referral Plan Program RIGHT NOW

I love photography. But as much as I love photography, I love the business part just as much (some days even more!) I get a little happy rush when a client beams looking at the artwork I created for them. I get even a little bit bigger happy rush when those clients trust me by referring their friends and family.

However-- let's face it! Photography is competitive. And in my 10 years of running TWO successful retail studios, I've learned lots of great lessons. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that a pack of happy clients is one of the most effective marketing tool you can have.

I've also learned that if your business is not 100% where you want it to be, there is always something that can be improved to get it there. And investing in this amazing class RIGHT NOW will get you a step closer to your business dream. Investing in, and implementing the ideas you will learn will start the improvement in your business. You can spend years of trial and error (like I did!) or you can invest in the shortcut to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time and start increasing your bookings right away.

So hop on in. Let's start that phone ringing!  SAVE $20 FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS.  $109 (reg. $129)



Joy is a 10 -year veteran of the photography business trenches, starting in the basement of her own home and blooming into one, then two studios in the Milwaukee area. Her expertise has now blossomed even further to include coaching and photography business-building. Joy firmly believe in teaching from experience— because she knows it works. She is the wife of Tim, and the mom of two extraordinary boys.